Seminars & Conferences

Feb 14    Essendon, Australia
CASA – New Engineering knowledge development—awareness through education

If you work in airworthiness and aircraft engineering, we want to keep you up to date with changes, advances and the high level of safety knowledge you require.

This is a complex discipline, so if you’re an engineer, operator, trainer, HAAMC or CAMO, we want to help you have access to the latest best practice, information and resources. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with CASA and ask us questions.

Some of the topics that this series of seminars will focus on are:

  • leadership and Mentoring for AMEs
  • specialist maintenance certification
  • flight Safety Australia maintenance articles
  • regulation review update.

Location and dates are as follows:

Essendon Thursday 14 February Register Now


Feb 26-27      Zurich, Switzerland
European Business Aviation Safety Conference (EBASCON)

Feb 26 – Mar 3  Victoria, Australia
Avalon 2019 – Australian International Aerospace & Defence Exposition 

Feb 28  London, UK
RAeS – Lithium Batteries – a rising risk in aviation

Mar 6 Brussels, Belgium
FlightGlobal – A4E Aviation Summit

Mar 19/20 Singapore
Flightglobal – Aerospace Big Data

April 9-11  Atlanta, USA
Aviation Week MRO Americas and AMC Contest

Sept 10 Miami, USA
Flightglobal – Airline Digital Transformation

Sept 11/12 Miami, USA
FlightGlobal – Aerospace Big Data 

Sept 17-18  London
Aircraft Cabin Air International Conference 2019

Oct  London
FlightGlobal – Aviation Cyber Security

Nov 12/13 Hong Kong
IFA Conference and workshops

Dec 3 /4 Barcelona, Spain
FlightGlobal – Airline Digital Transformation

Dec 5/6 Barcelona Spain
Flightglobal – Aerospace Big Data