The 2018 IFA Technical Events will take place at 2 venues –

Conference and Workshop –
Emirates Airways Engineering Facility
PO Box 686,
Al Quds Street,
Dubai, UAE

Car Parking at the facility is limited please utilise shared lifts and public transportation where possible.  If you wish to park a private vehicle at the Emirates parking structure you will need to advise the IFA Secretariat prior to the event so security can be notified.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone attending by private vehicle will need to obtain a parking pass from the guard shack, the pass MUST be displayed in the windshield.  Parking is only in approved vacant parking spaces within the Emirates parking structure (the majority of vacant parking spaces will be located on the top floors of the structure at the time of the IFA events).   The Emirates parking structure is monitored by the Dubai Police and improperly parked vehicles will be fined and towed at the owner’s expense.   

RAeS Lecture
Auditorium, Building A,
Emirates Training College
Al Garhud