IFA Technical Events 2019

Save the date – 12 / 13 November 2019

CAD Hong Kong will host the IFA Conference and Technical Workshops at their Lantau Island headquarters.



IFA held its technical conference, supported and hosted by Emirates Engineering at their Dubai facility.   Aviation professionals gathered to discuss ‘Best Practices in Safety Risk Management’.  

IFA CEO John Vincent welcomed participants remarking of the dynamic daily challenge operators face to assure airworthiness.   The key note address was presented by John McColl, Head of Airworthiness at the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) highlighting their approach to risk management. 

The first sessions concentrated on Advancing Technology to Manage Risk and gave insight into issues on managing structural risks using new maintenance technology, how digitalisation of records has developed and that adopting new methods of gathering and using data can improve efficiency and productivity about maintenance and finally covered the growing area of computer-generated parts.

The second session examined ‘Operational risks and the Human’ with informative and engaging presentations on Safety Culture, Fatigue and Duty Time Limits, SMS and using Aviation Psychology for Cultural Centric Training Development.

Thanking the organisers, participants and speakers; John Vincent CEO said: “Airworthiness doesn’t begin and end in one day.  It’s through working together, sharing knowledge and experience we advance aviation safety.”  



New technologies and understand make aviation the safest way to travel.  The International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) advances knowledge at its annual technical workshop.   This year in the UAE.  The IFA team delivered two interactive and well attended technical workshops.  Supported and hosted by Emirates Engin

eering the event held at their Dubai Facility was well supported.    

The first workshop moderated by IFA VP Australasia, Steve Swift gave the opportunity to find out about new structural inspection technologies with practical demonstrations and video footage.  A panel with a regulator, designer and maintenance operator enabled an in-depth discussion with liv

ely contributions from participants.

The second workshop was moderated by IFA Technical lead Cengiz Turkoglu, Lecturer at Cranfield University and Jelle Hieminga, Lecturer, Amsterdam University who began with an overview of two recent projects which analysed two separate data sets of accident and serious incident information. 

The discussions and group work will be collated to produce a White Paper to identify high-risk areas in airworthiness and potential causal/contributory factors.

A video message was given by Dr Bill Johnson, FAA Chief Scientific Advisor. 

IFA CEO John Vincent thanked the audience saying: “It’s together we advance aviation safety.”