IFA Technical Events 2018

IFA will be co-ordinating a series of FREE Technical Events on 26 – 28 November 2018.   Sponsored by Emirates airline.

  • Royal Aeronautical Society Lecture
    Monday 26 Nov – 18.00,    Emirates College, Dubai
    John Vincent and the IFA Team will provide a lecture and discussion on Safety related digital records in aviation touching on the regulatory issues and vulnerabilities (including the cyber threat)
    No registration necessary, free to all to attend.
  • IFA Conference  – Best Practices in Safety Risk Management
    Tuesday 27 Nov – 9.00 – 13.00 followed by lunch
    Emirates Engineering Facility, DubaiTwo panel sessions with presentations and discussions on :
    Advancing Technology to Manage Risk
    Operations Risks and the Human
    Speakers include:
    Steve Swift, IFA VP Australasia
    Wajahat Ali Khan, Jet Aviation
    Dr Nicklas Dahlstrom, Emirates airline
    Capt. Naushad Anjum, Air Arabia
    John McColl, CAA UK
  • IFA Workshop – Two interactive 90 minute workshops
    Wednesday 28 Nov  9.00 – 13.00
    Emirates Engineering Facility, Dubai

    Session 1 – ‘New structural inspection technologies: how do we assure safety without stifling innovation?
    A panel of regulatory and industry experts will discuss the standards and processes for the regulatory approval of new inspection technologies for aircraft structure.  One example for discussion and demonstration will be a robot that can crawl all over an aircraft (event upside down) to inspect the surface with a video camera or other sensor.Session 2 – Identifying high risk areas in airworthiness focusing on causal factors
    Recently, two different research projects analysed two separate datasets from European Central Repository (ECR) and accidents / serious incident investigation reports from ‘Air Safety Network’ & Skybrary databases. While both projects developed different taxonomies to categorise the occurrence reports and accidents/serious incidents, they mainly focused on the outcomes since the information about causal/contributory factors was either unavailable or very limited. We (IFA) now will combine the results of these two studies and collect data further data from professionals attending events in Dallas, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong. We will continue working with a view to producing a white paper to identify high risk areas in airworthiness and potential causal/contributory factors. This is an ongoing work with EASA, French MRO Network and ex-UK MEMS Group members. We believe collecting data from UAE community will give us the opportunity to compare views of professionals in different regions.

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