‘SMS – How can it make a real difference’

Mr Simon Li,  Director General of HK CAD opened the conference with a keynote address describing the route the HK CAD have taken to implementing SMS, their Safety Programme and the Risk Based Approach.

Presentations are available to view:
14th Nov – Workshop – NGAP
15th Nov – Conference – SMS 

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Session 1 Safety Leadership and Safety

Leadership, Expectations and Safety – Frank Turner, IFA President
Frank reflected on his past history, that Leadership is about being able to inspire teams of people to contribute to creating a compelling  Vision supported by a set of Values to deliver it. To have ownership of it, people had to be involved in its creation and all management must be seen to walk the talk.  Owning responsibility.  Knowing what is Expected when under pressure.  Understanding critical interfaces where immaculate communication is vital to safety

When Safety is being Challenged – Captain Chan described the challenges of the HK Government Flying Service. Both rotor wing and fix wing operations in hostile conditions.  Focusing on a practical approach to risk.

FRMS in Maintenance Operations – A Leadership Perspective – Mick Adams, VP MRO Services, Etihad spoke on safety leadership and culture.  Highlighting the values that make a difference.  Citing examples of a working safety group. Making sure ‘right’ becomes normal.

Session 2 Safety Assurance

Safety Performance Measurement & Monitoring for Maintenance Organisations – Mr Wong from CAAS.  2009 SMS mandate.  Highlights next SMS manual.  Framework.  3 levels for AMO: no-go, go-but and go-on.  Guidance often needed to be provided to industry.

Seven Deadly Hazards: Does your SMS address them?  IFA VP Australasia, Steve Swift.  Hype -v- evidence.  Provided his “dirty dozen”.  Talks about approaches: wait and see/safe life/fail safe/damage tolerance.  Lessons learned from experience.

Proactive Reporting – Mr Lee of HAESL – 900 staff. 1b HK$ turnover.  Presentation about its people.  The “safety walk”.  Team building.  How to get people involved.  Engagement and trust key.

Session 3 Performance Base Regulation and Risk Based Oversight

Integrated Approach of Risk, Compliance and Performance based Audit – Mr Manfred Leung, CAD HK.  Integrated approach.  SMM and SSP focus.  Data driven.  Performance Based Oversight (PBO).  5 groups of organisations.

A perspective on Performance Based Regulation(PBO) – John Vincent – PBO is often auditing against prescriptive rules.  For those reaching a level of SMS maturity may update rules to reflect a performance based approach.

Session 4 Prediction the Next Airworthiness Accident

The delegates were asked 2 key questions about predicting the next potential accident related to airworthiness.  You can find their responses in the shared presentations.


After a welcome by Frank Turner participants heard presentations from HKIVE, KHPU and  finally Team DEALead – students from HK University presented their winning team project from an annual event held by AIRBUS.  Following there were 2 workshop sessions in which participants were asked to discuss two key questions about the challenges and enablers to address them.  You can find their responses in the shared presentations.