Previous winners


In 2017 to Mike Gamlin, Manager – Air Safety Investigations, Rolls-Royce Plc

In recognition of his contribution to aviation safety over more than four decades.  In particular the extensive work ensuring the effectiveness of accident investigation across the globe.  He is trusted and well respected across the global aviation community.’

The award was presented by IFA CEO, John Vincent at the UK AAIB Headquarters on Wednesday 20th September.   Colleagues and friends congratulated Mike on receiving the award.

In 2016 to Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline

‘For demonstrating how to grow successfully a quality multi cultural airline safety brand through exemplary safety awareness and leadership.  His outstanding and visionary leadership demonstrates a clear understanding that safety begins with design and rests with all involved in airline operations – including himself.’


In 2015 to Ms Beth Gamble

‘For a career devoted to keeping the world’s largest aircraft fleet – Cessnas – airworthy as they age, by developing a special suite of maintenance programs engineered to ensure Cessna aircraft are damage tolerant, as are large transport aircraft.’‘

In 2014 to Mr David King

‘In recognition of his dedicated work in the field of accident investigation and in particular his contribution to better understanding the role of human performance in maintenance related accidents.’

In 2012 to Mr Peter Tait, Chief Executive of the UK Confidential Human Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP), and his team.

‘In recognition of their contribution to aviation safety, through the development of a confidential reporting programme on human performance issues and concerns.  An addition to formal reporting systems within the United Kingdom, the programme covers all aviation related sectors and disciplines.’

In 2011 to Dr William B. Johnson, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Human Factors in Aviation
Maintenance, US Federal Aviation Administration

‘In recognition of his dedication, research, leadership, and promotion of Human Factors in aviation maintenance and engineering and his many publications exemplified by the “Maintenance Human Factors Presentation System” and the video production “Grounded”.’

In 2010 to Padhraic Kelleher, Head of Airworthiness, Civil Aviation Authority, UK

‘In recognition of his leadership in the co-ordination of international efforts to secure operational solutions to the risks presented by ash contamination of UK and European airpspace by the Icelandic Volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, resulting in airworthiness criteria on ash tolerability and establishment of a safety risk management framework for flight in contaminated airspace.’

In 2009 to Andre Maumus, ex-Airbus
‘In recognition of his personal contribution to the development and certification of highly integrated and complex aircraft systems and his efforts internationally to ensure their safety in relation to accident prevention.’

In 2008 to Lt-Col RNLAF James C W Mac Gillavry and Lt-Col RNLAF Rik J M van Zwol,  Military Aviation Authority of the Netherlands.

The award was given ‘In recognition of their contribution to the formation of the Military Aviation Authority in the Netherlands (MAA-NLD) and the introduction of a new regulatory framework based on a total aviation safety concept.  Significant and positive developments in military aviation safety in the Netherlands.

In 2007 to Steve Swift, Principal Engineer Airframe Durability, Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

For leading the international development of the ‘diamond’, a methodology that demystifies the theory of structural inspection, helping designers, operators and regulators cooperate to keep aircraft safe from cracks and corrosion.

In 2006 to Stuart Matthews, President & CEO Flight Safety Foundation

In recognition of his personal contributions and leadership in international aviation safety by identifying high risk areas, developing interventions, and providing these interventions to the international aviation community to reduce the risk of an accident.

In 2005 to David Lui, General Manager, DragonAir Ltd

In recognition of his leadership of the DragonAir Engineering Team’s development and implementation of its own unique Aircraft Technical Management System.

In 2004 to Cliff Edwards, Shell Aviation Limited

In recognition of his personal contribution to the evolution, development and promotion of structured safety management systems throughout the aerospace industry.

In 2003 to Michael Arthur Spencer, BSc FREng – Technical and Quality Director, Rolls-Royce plc.

In recognition of his personal contribution to the safe design and in-service management of civil aero engines over the last 25 years.

In 2002 to Yves Morier, Regulation Director of JAA

In recognition of his leadership in the evolution of the European aviation safety regulations, the JAR’s, and his major contribution in the harmonisation of the European and North American Certification standards and processes.

 In 2001 to the Airbus International Airworthiness & Safety Cooperation Team

In recognition of their contribution to the enhancement of civil aviation global safety through proactive assessment, development and implementation of assistance programs, creation of regional aviation safety oversight organisations and cooperation with ICAO.

In 2000 to the “Maintenance Error Decision Aid” (MEDA) Team of the Boeing Airplane Company

In recognition of their development and implementation of a structured investigation process to determine the cause of maintenance errors in airline operations and develop corrective actions to avoid them.

In 1999 to Helen Muir, OBE, MA, PhD, Cpsychol, AFBPS, FRAeS Professor of Aerospace Psychology and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Cranfield University, UK

In recognition of her contribution to improved airline cabin safety through the application of human factors in the field of passenger behaviour in emergencies.

In 1998 to Ahmad Abdulla Al-Zabin, Deputy Director General (Engineering Affairs), Kuwait Airways Corporation

In recognition of his personal contributions to the development of air safety in Kuwait Airways and to the rebuilding of the airline after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.