IFA was established on 24th March 1975.

Extract from original Foreword written by Jim Rainbow OBE, who sponsored the publication of the first IFA History in 2005.

‘In the beginning IFA filled a need that was very real and was well understood by all the players in the business of maintaining Air Transport aircraft. Over the years many of the wrongs, whether they were design operational or human factors have been put right not least through the help and efforts of the Officers, Committee members and Corporate Members of IFA.

We are all aware that the world is constantly changing even more rapidly nowadays not least when it come to the design operation and maintenance of the aircraft of today. The part played by IFA in the scheme of things is just as valid now as it was when in 1975 those forward looking people created the Federation. ‘

The first three sections of the IFA History were written by Mr Don Smith, who held a working role in IFA from 1975 until his retirement in 1999. From 2000 onwards the History has been kept updated by the IFA Secretariat.   A free hard copy of the History can be requested from the IFA Secretariat, currently the History is being updated for web viewing.

The Early Years 1964 – 1974 – The formation of IFATE by dedicated Licensed Aircraft Engineers and individuals of the airline industry which subsequently established the basis for IFA

The Birth of IFA 1975 – 1979 – The people who attended the formation meeting of IFA in 1975 could all see the benefit of worldwide communication (at a time when communication technology was very basic) and of the gathering of information and like minds and could see the aim of improving air safety through improvement in engineering standards and of sharing ‘good practices’. At that time these individuals were very modern in they’re thinking and can be commended for their beliefs in the future of air travel.

The Work Continues 1980 – 1999 – The work of spreading the messages of air safety and continuing airworthiness was developed and built upon enabling IFA to grow and flourish.

Into the new Millennium 2000 – onwards – The beginning of the new Millennium saw new levels of terrorism and the use of civilian aircraft as weapons. The impact upon the airline industry was severe with many companies not recovering from the loss of passengers and increased security costs. The ‘blame culture’ became a reality with individuals, companies and organisations being targeted following major incidents and accidents. Issues of Safety Management throughout the whole industry become paramount. World issues impacting on the airline industry mean the new Millennium proves a challenging time for all.