IFA uniquely combines together all those with responsibility for policies, principles and practices concerned with the continuing airworthiness of civil transport aircraft throughout the world.


IFA is truly internatonal:

  • Although headquartered in the UK, IFA serves members globally.
  • Vice Presidents for the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East
  • Forums and Workshops held in different locations around the world.


A unique strength of IFA is our ability to think and speak impartially on aiworthiness issues:

  • Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)
  • Non-political
  • Charity (UK-registered, No. 296354)
  • Membership is open to any person or organisation with a passion for airworthiness.
  • Funded by membership subscriptions, sponsorship and a Trust Fund.
  • Run by volunteer members for the members (the only paid staff is the secretariat).