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International Federation of Airworthiness
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"The International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to improving aviation safety by increasing international communication, awareness and cooperation on all airworthiness issues and particularly that of continuing airworthiness."

NEW IFA Human Factors Training Film Package
Day by DayOver the past year with the support of our sponsors, Emirates Airline and Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd we have revised, updated and added to our existing Human Factors training film to make a new modular film package designed to be added to the development of Human Factors thinking and the impact on airworthiness.

The package includes:

Every Day (20 Mins)

An updated version of our successful Human Factors film ‘Every Day’ and builds upon the James Reason section of the original film.

Human Error in aircraft maintenance can be a major contributor to operational incidents, which threaten safety. To take a simple example: a study of 200 maintenance related incidents showed that approx 60% of them were caused by incorrect assembly.

Could it happen to you? If not - why not? If yes, what can you do about it?

Safety Leadership – An Airline President’s View (20 Mins)

An interview with Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline by Frank Turner, IFA President.

The interview focuses on the leadership from the top, which is necessary to instil and maintain a culture of safety in a rapidly growing multinational airline.

COST: FREE to IFA Members
£18 or US$30 to Non Members

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